Frequently Asked Questions...

Are there any grants or incentives available?
Yes.  A Wage Subsidy Scheme is available through INTREO for an employee with a disability where there is a productivity shortfall.  Where the employee is paid the National Minimum Wage of €8.65 per hour, or €6.92 for the first year of employment, the Subsidy is €5.30 per hour, for a job of at least 21 hours per week.
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In addition, there are other grants and financial supports which can be accessed through the reasonable accommodation fund.
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We provide assistance in the administration of these financial incentives on behalf of an employer.

Will my insurance cost increase?
NO – as long as the person is trained for the tasks they need to do and are capable of understanding the task. The Irish Insurance Federation confirmed that an employer’s liability insurance does not increase when the employer takes on an employee with a disability.  They have confirmed that an employer’s insurance quote is updated every 12 months, and is based on the number of staff an employer has.  It is not related to whether or not their new staff member has a disability.  Insurance companies have advised that the employer is required to cover all the appropriate training under Health & Safety for all staff. 

Can I terminate a contract at any time?
As with all staff members, the same terms and conditions apply to an employee receiving support through our Service.

How are candidates selected?
Our Profiling process involves identifying each of our client’s attributes and abilities, including their knowledge, experience and transferable skills. For any position an Employer is seeking to fill we will identify a shortlist of the most suitable candidates from our pool of Job Seekers.  The Employer may then interview one or more Job Seekers from the shortlist. The selection process may also involve a job trial for the preferred candidate for which we provide an allowance for our client.

How does Employment Response support the Employer?
We can provide support to assist with the integration process. In addition to this, with the agreement of the employer and the employee, we can assist with on-the-job training.

How will my existing staff react?
International Studies have shown that staff loyalty is positively affected when a company employs a person with a disability.

What about customer perception of my business?
Showing corporate social responsibility through inclusion can reflect on your business in a very positive manner. Employing a person with a disability has been shown to assist companies to attract and maintain a wider customer base.

What happens if it's not working out?
Just like any other staff member, if it's not working out you try and sort out the difficulties. Through Employ Response North West you have the assistance of a Job Coach to support you; as well as the new employee.

Solutions can usually be found, but if it's not possible, the employment may come to an end, as it would with any employee in accordance with your terms and conditions of employment. Our Service is there to support and assist you, where necessary, through any such situations.

If I don’t have any jobs now, what can I do?
If you have no vacancies at the moment you may be able to provide someone with the opportunity to gain valuable experience with your business without any monetary outlay or cost to you.

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